When To Change First Oil on Honda Civic X in KM & Miles?

Honda Civic X has been around for a while and most users of the cars are asking questions about its maintenance and oil change frequency. Well, as a matter of fact, the car and its oil change frequency can be complex to understand, but changing the oil on the regular basis should be ensured as for the number of reasons.

When To Change First Oil on Honda Civic X in KM & Miles?

Before you go understand the oil change frequency for your brand new Honda Civic X, you need to understand why first-time oil change and oil change frequency really matters for your vehicle.

Why You Need Oil Change in Your Honda Civic X Frequently?

As nutrients and food provide energy to our body to perform its vital functions, so does the oil is needed in the vehicle or a car to aid its proper functioning. However, unlike our body, the vehicle needs to be properly maintained by changing the oil as it becomes contaminated with the dust, dirt, debris from the engine and from the environment. There are a number of reasons to replace the old oil with the new one in your car for your car’s sake. Here are some mentioned below:

1: To Maintain the Engine Lubrication

All the parts of the engine like pistons, valves, etc., when moved at the higher rates, they create heat and friction. The heat and friction from the parts of the car will create the wear and tear within the engine that is not good for the health of your vehicle. Oil is added to the engine to provide the lubrication and to ensure its health.

2: To Keep The Engine Cool

The old oil within the engine gets warm and dirty and can lead to the damage of the engine. Routine oil change will avoid the engine to turn into the sludge and keep the engine in its optimal condition and temperature.

3: To Improve the Gas Mileage

When the oil in your engine is dirty and your engine becomes overheated, it leads to the consumption of more gas. So, in order to save your money and the gas, you need to make sure that there is enough clean oil in the engine.

4: To Prolong the Longevity of the Vehicle

When your engine remains at the optimal temperature, good condition and maintained, your vehicle will last longer. So, the rule is simple, change the oil regularly and increase your car’s life.

Honda Civic X’s Oil Change Frequency Schedule

Changing the oil of your car must be done with regular intervals and frequently in order to get more of your car. The frequent oil change can save you money, your time and add more years to your car as well. And if you are wondering about the oil change schedule of your Honda Civic X, you need not panic. Check out our ultimate guide to oil change frequency schedule of Honda Civic X.

As a car owner, you might have heard of the thumb rule that your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles, whether it is the hatchback or sedan, Honda or Suzuki. However, the times have changed. The technical advancements and studies in building engines have offered the new criteria for the oil change schedule. So how often do you really need to change the oil in your Honda Civic X 2017? Well, we have got the answer.

Recommended Oil Change Frequency in Honda Civic X 2017

The answer to the question lies in your car’s manual. You need to take a look in the car’s manual. Definitely, the rule is new for the new cars and that 3,000 miles rule did not work for the newer cars. According to the Honda Corporation, the change in oil in your brand new Honda Civic X 2017 must be done at least every year or every 7,500 miles, whichever comes first.

This means whether you have crossed the year with your old oil or you have covered 7,500 miles, the time is to change it. You don’t have to remember it if you have the latest model of Honda Civic X. The car has its own Maintenance Minder, that will keep the track automatically of your oil change and will alert you when the oil should be replaced. Well, we must admit that Honda has made it lot easier to remember the car’s maintenance than it used to be.

However, there are situations when you need to change your oil more frequently than normal. These situations include:

  1. Driving in very hot weather
  2. Driving for short trips every day (for less than 5 miles a time)
  3. Cruising for the longer period of time
  4. Driving on dusty and muddy roads

In these conditions, changing the oil of the vehicle is more often than the official recommendations. You will probably need an oil change every 3,000 miles or 4000 miles if you drive in such severe conditions. You can also check your user’s manual under “Severe Conditions Maintenance” schedule.

So, now you are a pro at maintaining your vehicle. For more info regarding your New Honda Civic X 2017, keep visiting us!

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