How To Connect Car Bluetooth Setup Honda Civic X 2017? – Setup Guide

Taking the vehicle technology to the next level, Honda Civic is back with a bang! Regardless to mention, Honda Civic remained one of the best car series in the vehicle market and has gone through a number of generational transformations, making it one of the best car line living within affordability.

How To Connect Car Bluetooth Setup Honda Civic X 2017? - Setup Guide

The recent hatchback that is recently introduced in the Honda Civic car line is called “Honda Civic X or 10th gen” that has brought back much what the vehicle nerds asked for. The 10th generation of our Honda Civic represents the most aggressive and comprehensive redesign that has probably not been introduced in the Civics’ 43 years history. It features the edgy and sporty exterior with the exciting roomy interior. Not only this, the brand new Civic model also features with the Honda’s Connect infotainment and connectivity system, which offers enhanced intuitive operation and full smartphone integration, no matter either its iOS or Android.

So, if you want to know about the Honda’s Connect infotainment and connectivity system and how to connect it with your phone, you have got to the right place. Read on to catch the complete setup guide and its specs.

Everything You Need to Know About Honda Civics’ Connect Car System:

Although the Bluetooth connecting system is not new, however, Honda has offered quite some decent features in its second-generation Connect infotainment and connectivity system ranging from sat nav to internet browsing. Not only this, it also includes a ton of useful features that you need to discover. Here is the brief description of your Honda Civics’ Connect Car System:

1: Layout and Personalization of Honda Civic X 2017

Honda never fails to surprise us with its extremely inspiring designs and layouts within its cars. Same goes with its connect car system that is placed in its recent hatchback – Honda Civic 10th generation. At a glance, the car connect system offers the big buttons and a touch screen, making it cool to check and convenient to use.

There are a number of personalization options available on the connect system including:

  1. Rearranging the layout of the buttons
  2. Changing the background colors
  3. Color Scheme of the connect Screen

2: Sat Nav System of Honda Civic X 2017

Another important comfort provided by the Honda Civics’ Connect car system is its sat nav. The sat nav certainly sits on the right side of the fence and offers tons of basic functionalities and capabilities. Not only has this, the other useful features of the connect car system include:

  1. Traffic Updates
  2. Route Planner
  3. 3D Building options
  4. Plan Waypoints of upcoming routes
  5. Pinch and swipe motions on the map

Just like smartphones, you can use Sat Nav of Honda Civics’ Connect Car system for seamless navigation.

3: Bluetooth Connection of Honda Civic X 2017

As this is the Bluetooth setup guide, so how would we forget it. Connect your phone, either its Android or Apple, to the Bluetooth of the car and enjoy:

  1. A browse to your Phonebook and Call logs
  2. Messages
  3. Get Directions
  4. Make Calls
  5. Listen to Music
  6. Device Assistants (Apple’s Siri and Google Now)

4: Radio of Honda Civic X 2017

A radio is also there to accompany you when you are driving alone and want to listen to something new. The second gen connect car system of Honda Civic features more accessible radio stations and convenient station switching.

5: Apps, the Internet and Other Useful Features of  Honda Civic X 2017

You can surf the internet by using its Wi-Fi option or to use a smartphone’s hotspot, once you have parked. Besides this, there comes the pre-installed calculator, miles to kilometer converter, CD option, mirrorlink thing and HDMI connection for the tech nerds as well.

How to Pair Up Your Smartphone with Honda Civic 2017 Connect Car System:

So now you know which things you can access using your car’s connect system. The Bluetooth of the Honda Civics’ Car connect system is compatible with iOS 8.4 or later and iPhone 5 or later and Android 5.0 and higher. To get it paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, ensure that your smartphone is compatible with the Bluetooth system of the car. For this, visit
  2. After checking the compatibility, press the “Phone” button on the display screen and dialogue box will appear with the message “Would you like to add a phone now?”
  3. Select “Yes” option to continue.
  4. Now, make sure to switch on the Bluetooth on your phone to make it discoverable n the connect system.
  5. Your device will appear on the display audio system of the vehicle. Select it to continue.
  6. After selecting the device on the screen, the system will then display a pairing code to pair up with your device.
  7. This pairing thing will need some time, so you need to be patient and wait for a bit.
  8. The pairing code would be shown on your phone. Accept the code to complete the pairing process.
  9. After the pairing process, your phone will be connected to the Bluetooth successfully and the system would automatically import the contents on the phonebook and call history as well.

Now you can access anything from your phone you want ranging from contacts to your messages, from your music playlist to your device’s assistant.

How to Delete Bluetooth History and Other Personal Data from the Connect Car System?

Chances are you want to trade your vehicle or sell it, you need to clear all your personal data, call history or other paired settings from the car connect system. You can follow the following steps to delete all the data stored in the car’s system:

  1. Head to Settings Option Displayed on the Main Screen of the System.
  2. You will see a number of options there. Select “System”.
  3. Out of three tabs, touch “Others” tab and choose “Factory Data Reset” option.

  4. Select the option designated as “System Clear” and choose yes.

So you are done. You can now a pro at Bluetooth system of your brand new Honda Civic 10th Generation. For more info and tips regarding the system and the hatchback, keep visiting us!

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