Honda Civic X 2017 vs. Honda Accord 2018

The legacy of Honda continues with the launch of Honda Civic X 2017 and the upcoming Honda Accord 2018. The look and the specs of both these models are highly revered by the critics and the drivers and that is why we are here to help you give a comparison between the two.

Honda Civic X vs. Honda Accord 2018

At a glance, both these models of Civic and Accord are graceful carrying strong features and excellent performance in their own way. With the affordability at the hand, both the models from the Honda Corporation are packed with the convenient features and safest traits. To help you decide between the two vehicles, we have closely viewed and inspected them and reviewed which one suits your needs for the roads!

Honda Civic X (2017) and Honda Accord (2018) Compared

Get ready to cruise in with the best car from Honda!

1: Exterior

Although Honda has never failed to surprise us with its amazing cars’ exteriors, this time, the company has got something eye-pleasing and eyebrow – raising. I am talking about the Honda Civics’ X design that captures a bit of sporty look with the generous class. With the sleek design, the car offer variety of color options and trim levels that best suits the drivers with the sporting enthusiasm.

While the Honda Accord 2018 model is also a very stylish hybrid that looks like more of an Audi A7 with the dodge charger’s proportion. The crisp angles are versatile along with the hood bluntly styled with the longer and wider trims offering a manual transmission and turbocharged powertrains.

 However, there is a bit similarity in the two models that lies within its taillights. The taillights of both the models are similar but the thick grille and hood in the Honda Accord 2018 suggest a front- wheel drive model.

2: Interior

When it comes to the interior of both the new models from Honda, you will not be surprised to see both of them with the roomier capacity with 42.3 inches legroom and 39.3 inches headroom, atop the comfort. The interior of the Honda Civic 2017 model is practical and modern in appearance offering the best features like soft plastic dashboard, heated leather, automatic climate control feature, well- mounted audio controls along with the full- touch infotainment system.

On the other hand, the interior of the Honda Accord 2018 model also offers the best comfort and style at its end. The passenger room has increased overall by 2.5 cubic feet. With a new dashboard design, soft- touch materials abound and tablet style infotainment screen make this model of Honda Accord more futuristic and innovative. Apart from this, the car is equipped with the eight speakers to rock up all your road trips.

3: Engine and Transmission

The new Honda Civic 2017 has two four – cylinder engine, one being turbocharged. Both the engines are excellent for the smooth cruise on even the roughest roads, in particular, the one with turbocharging. The LX and LXP coupes offer 174-hp turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder, while the sport and sports touring hatchbacks have a slightly horse-powered bump to 180. Apart from this, the manual transmission is available in both lower trims and in hatchbacks.

Contrariwise, the Honda Accord 2018 model has got over the Honda Civic 2017 in this aspect. Rated at 192 horsepower and 192lb-ft of torque, the Honda Accord 2018 has got the extra power. Moreover, Honda has offered a new feature in 2018 model of Honda Accord called CVT, continuously variable automatic, offering 11 percent shorter initial ratio for the most aggressive step off. Honda shares about CVT that it has its own ratios with overall wider range and and high efficacy.

4: Safety and Driver’s Assistance

Safety is the foremost requirement and feature of the Honda Corp. since its evolution in the world. That is why both the recent models from Honda are equipped with the best safety suite and driver’s assistance.

The Honda Accord has been equipped with the Honda Sensing safety technology that includes the collision mitigation braking, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and much more. Not only this, the vehicle also comes with the multi-angle backup camera, rear parking sensors, and dynamic guidelines.

Same is the case with the 2017’s Honda Civic model that offers six airbags and a backup camera as standard. The safety package in this model also offers the best features to maintain the security at hand. Lane-keeping assists, adaptive- cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic high beams and much more are also added to keep the security of the drivers and passenger full-proof.

5: Performance and Driving Impression

Honda Corp. has been serving the world with the great performance and driving impression since the time of its evolution. Likewise, the Civics’ previous generations, this 2017 model offers the smoothest ride, classic dynamics along with peppy engines.

Borrowing some of the performance elements from the Civic, the Honda Accord 2018 also offers the amazing and smoothest ride you can ever have. According to Conrad, senior vice president of the Automobile Division of American Honda, “This is unquestionably the most dramatic remake of the Accord we’ve ever done.”

The complete designed Honda Accord and the whole new Honda Civic 2017 model, regardless to say, are the best vehicles from Honda ever since. With the powertrain lineup, turbocharged cylinders, 10-speed transmission, and affordability with all these features make Honda Accord 2018 model, the best vehicle to catch up. While the second one – the new Honda Civic 2017 model has also got the stylish exterior, abundant cargo space, optional manual transmission with turbocharged cylinders. Although these two vehicles are not perfect, but they are great where they count!

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